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2016 - Tip #1 Where to Start?

When it comes to Social Media, how do you stay on top? You know how the cobbler's kids always need new shoes...I think the same applies, when it comes to digital marketing.

Today! I am officially starting my blog and will post weekly with tips and updates on common sense thoughts that I believe all businesses should know! Often times, we do know but we need to be reminded.



I believe it's not just about meeting other business owners, it's about building relationships and aligning yourself with the businesses or services that complement your business. Build the relationships and the money will come eventually.

I joined the Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA)

I am attending my first ASBA event tomorrow called "Speed Networking", and will get to work on how to explain my business offerings in a short and deliberate manner. They offer a myriad of opportunities for businesses to learn and grow and I look forwarded to finding my place within the association and making the right connections. Connect with me if you want to know more or join me on the journey!


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